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Autorec Enterprise's Principle

Choosing better vehicles at the time of purchase, for the sake of durability and longer vehicle life, we go to the auction site and physically inspect the cars ourselves including myself, T. Mizuno) before making the purchase, in order ensure that we are supplying high quality products with confidence!

We only buy vehicles that we would like to drive! We try our best to select the best from the best, and sometimes we have to pay a bit more to purchase such nice cars, so our entire inventory is hand-picked! We always pursue reasonable prices, of course, but we would rather say that we are more quality oriented. How can we achieve better quality with reasonable prices? The answer is, we have our own workshop facility, with a total of 7 car lifts.

We have experienced & well trained mechanics and professional panel beater/ painter within our system, so we can do every sort of refurbishing job and reconditioning at the lowest possible cost! Thus, we can cut such middle charges and can manage to offer reasonable, and sometimes very low prices for the best quality vehicles!!

Please don't be attracted to the prices of the vehicles with no refurbishing work done, as there are sometimes big mistakes! Your car is your partner, you always drive it, and trust that you can enjoy driving safely. Imagine if you were driving a car that would stop at any time. Isn't it scary? The difference in the vehicles we supply cannot be seen that quickly, unfortunately, but you will see the difference after a couple of months to a year later, and you will find that the one you purchased from us was the right choice!

We would like to supply our vehicles in the best condition, for your safety and we believe it is our duty to supply better quality.

Our Dream is Your Future!

Autorec's Quality Guarantee
1. Picking up Good used cars

A good chef chooses good & fresh ingredients because rotten meat cannot be made into a nice meal. We also start from finding good ingredients from the auction houses by examining each unit ourselves. Our experienced staff

check everything (mileage, mechanical condition, exterior, etc.) before bidding. We know from our experience where to check to distinguish good materials from thee thousands of vehicles at every auction. We will check everything on your behalf.

Autorec's Quality Guarantee
2. Pre-Inspection

When the vehicles are delivered to our yard, they all go through the PRE-INSPECTION center for more detailed Inspection by our technical staff before being registered and updated as our stock. Even if there may be something overlooked at the auctions, no defects can escape from the eyes of our skilled inspectors.

Inspection reports about the condition of each unit

is shared on the stock data base, so that everyone in the office can check the actual condition of the vehicles instantly.
Autorec's Quality Guarantee
3. Engine / Chassis cleaning

Once the vehicles are delivered to our Workshop, we do a very careful check, and then start maintenance and servicing, and repairs if necessary. The first thing we do is wash the whole body, engine bay, and underneath the chassis with a steam cleaner. By wiping out all mud, dust

and oil, we will be able to find even areas where we could not see, so we will be able to understand what is wrong and what we should do in order to fix all the defects.
Autorec's Quality Guarantee
4. Maintenance planning

After our mechanic staff checks all the mechanical functions and devices, the mechanics and sales staff discuss the maintenance plan. When there are extra services requested by customers, it will be communicated at this point.

Here at this point, your sales staff acts as an interpreter between you and our mechanics to determine the guideline

of finalizing the work on your car.
Autorec's Quality Guarantee
Autorec's Quality Guarantee
5. Basic reconditioning work

Although, our inventory is generally in good condition, any defect we find will be fixed by our highly experienced mechanics to completely good running order. Among those servicing are; changing of engine oil, lubricants, drive shaft boots, greasing up, replacing tires and battery, brake fluids etc. All jobs will be done in the modern facility at our own workshop.

Autorec's Quality Guarantee
6. Panel beating & Painting

If body repair work is required, we do panel beating and painting at the paint shop. We have 2 well-equipped painting booths and 3 skilled

painter for body work, surface treatment, color mixing, spraying and polishing as well.
Autorec's Quality Guarantee
7. Finalizing touches

To finalize the work, we spray an anti-corrosion coating on the engine components and chassis for protection. We clean the

interior, and coat the dashboard with wax. So that it is fresh mechanically and is shiny and clean.

In our Service Garage, we have many photos of our customers with their vehicles on the wall. These photos of customers really motivate our workmanship. We are more than happy if we can deliver the joy of owning properly working machine, along with the vehicle to our customers!!

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